Mary X Jack

"I'm Mary! I'm Jack"

MarJack is the shipping of Mary Quite Contrary and Jack B. Nimble. They are best friends. They may have crushes on each other.

General HintsEdit

  • They both have some of the same colors in their color schemes: yellow and blue.
  • They both love being silly
  • They both are smart
  • They both are athletic
  • They both are the strongest members of the club
  • They're both the most popular characters
  • They're in a lot of videos together
  • In most of the videos that they are in, they are next to each other
  • Mary finds Jack amusing
  • They both love to sing and dance
  • Mary and Jack are both real names


Teddy Bear, Teddy BearEdit

  • They ran together
  • They stood next to each other
  • They sang the song together
  • They looked at eachother and smiled
  • They fell asleep right next to each other.

Theme SongEdit

  • They stood next to eachother when they said "Everybody let's go go"
  • They jumped up together
  • They were introduced together.
  • She does a cartwheel in front of him
  • Jack leaned on her at the end


  • They met up
  • Mary mentions that they are best friends
  • They walk down the street together
  • They stare at each other several times
  • They swung each other around
  • Jack bent down so he could reach her, and it looked like he wanted to hug her
  • They twirled together

Mary Mary Quite ContraryEdit

  • Jack appears in her signature video
  • He pops up in Mary's garden
  • Mary points at him

Baa Baa's Rhyme Time BonanzaEdit

  • Mary went to the joke shack to see Jack
  • Mary laughs at Jack's joke

Jingle Bells/Navidad, NavidadEdit

  • The appear in the shoe clubhouse together

One Two Buckle My Shoe: Eep Counts to TenEdit

  • Jack went to where Mary, Teddy, and Eep where at and said hi to her
  • Mary went to see Jack's magic show
  • Mary thinks up things that rhyme with Jack.


  • They were at the local swimming pool together.
  • Jack jumps into the pool where she was at.
  • They were together when the kids weren't allowed in the pool
  • Mary pranks him by lifting up his chair and throwing it in the pool
  • They were next to eachother in the pool.

Take Me Out to the Ball GameEdit

  • They were sitting next to each other
  • They ate their snacks in the same way
  • They cheered together
  • Mary cheers when Jack hits a homerun

Itsy Bitsy Spider TimeEdit

  • Mary went to the magic shack
  • He made her laugh
  • They went to recieve the message together

Baa Baa Black SheepEdit

  • They were just in the video together

Teddy Bear Boogie WoogieEdit

  • They arrived at the clubhouse together
  • They practiced the show together
  • They fell asleep next to each other
  • The same moments as Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  • They gathered at the table to read the story
  • They stood next to each other
  • They laughed and smiled at each other
  • Jack said her name twice
  • Mary and Jack both said "Eep and Bo Peep jump up high Eep and Bo Peep wave good bye"
  • Mary said Jack's name twice
  • They fell asleep together

Ring Around the RosyEdit

  • They walked to the Rose Garden together
  • Jack and Mary held hands
  • Jack looked at her
  • They fell down across from each other

Old MacDonald Had a FarmEdit

  • They walked to the farm together, and right next to each other too.
  • They sang together
  • Mary looked at him twice
  • Jack looked at her at the end

Freight TrainEdit

  • They were on the train together

Driving in My CarEdit

  • Jack waved at her and smiled at her
  • Mary waved at him

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and ToesEdit

  • Jack appeared next to her
  • They looked at each other and smiled
  • They are next to each other through out the video

Hickory Dickory Dock RocksEdit

  • They were at the table together
  • Jack smiled at her
  • They ran together to see the message
  • Jack agreed to play her game
  • Jack said "Mary, mary is quite contrary" all by himself and he looked at her
  • Mary giggled at that
  • Mary said "Jack can be found clowning around"
  • If you imagine that Mary was standing next to Jack instead of Baa Baa, they would be sleeping next to each other.

Thankgiving DayEdit

  • They sat at the table together
  • They went outside together
  • Mary threw the football to him and he caught it
  • They fell down next to each other.

The Twelve Days of ChristmasEdit

  • They were featured in presents, Jack in the 10 lords a-leaping and Mary in the eight maids a-milking
  • Also 8 plus 2 = 10.

Auld Lang SyneEdit

  • They were on postcards
  • Jack and Mary were on a postcard from Poland together
  • They swung each other around
  • Mary smiled while they were dancing together, hinting that she likes him
  • They were next to each other while waiting for the clock to hit twelve
  • They cheered and were still next to each other.

One Two Buckle My ShoeEdit

  • They did the actions (open the door, lay them straight)
  • They popped up next to each other
  • They cheered

The Planting SongEdit

  • They were on the farm together
  • Jack offered to water the seeds that she planted but fails
  • They run inside when the storm approaches
  • They were next to each other
  • They wave at each other
  • They sat across from each other at the picnic

Five Little MonkeysEdit

  • They were jumping on the bed together
  • They were on either end of the bed
  • They were jumping at exactly the same height
  • Mary was the first one off and Jack was the last one off
  • They were next to each other at the end

Soccer Rocker/Football RockerEdit

Note: Some of the scenes in Soccer Rocker were not in Football Rocker

  • They were on the soccer team together
  • They were introduced next to each other
  • They were standing with each other
  • They put their arms around each other when they huddled up.
  • They were introduced together again
  • Jack passes the ball to her
  • They hi-five each other
  • They appeared next to each other at the end
  • They were in the team photo together

Rockin' RobotEdit

  • All through out the video, they were playing jump rope

Jack Be NimbleEdit

  • Mary smiled at him twice
  • Jack took a slice of Mary's pie.
  • Mary applauded him when he got Eep's kite back
  • Jack smiled at her, and took a slice of her pie
  • When Mary's hat flies off, he goes to get it back and she smiles at him

Alphabet Train Food TrainEdit

  • They were just on the train together

Mary Had a Little LambEdit

  • Mary and Jack go to the same school
  • They sit next to each other in class
  • Mary and Jack looked out the window together
  • They went outside together

Here We Go Looby LooEdit

  • They were in Eep's house together
  • They said SURPRISE together.

Six Little DucksEdit

  • Jack made her laugh by quacking like a duck
  • They quacked together
  • Jack held out his ducks after Mary did
  • Jack looked at her a lot
  • Mary looked at him a lot

Itsy Bitsy SpiderEdit

  • They went to see the spider together
  • Jack asked if she had the vine and she said "Checkerooni!"
  • They made the catapult together
  • They both refused to eat the flies
  • Mary and Jack were next to each other at the end

The Farmer in the DellEdit

  • He was the farmer and she was the dog
  • They danced in the front together

Alphabet RoundupEdit

  • They rode to the corral together
  • They were together the whole time
  • They round up the letters together

Camptown RacesEdit

  • Jack was watching her race
  • Jack leaned so he could get closer to her
  • Jack cheered when she won

London Bridge is Falling DownEdit

  • Jack waved at her. Plus he was the only one with his mouth open
  • They sat at the picnic together

A Haunted House on Halloween NightEdit

  • Jack went to Mary's Halloween party
  • Mary and Jack danced
  • Mary and Jack were next to each other at the end.


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