"Now let's give these flowers a little shower!" -Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Quite Contrary
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Mary Quite Contrary is a member of the Mother Goose Club and one of the main characters. She is based off of the nursery rhyme, Mary Mary Quite Contrary.


Mary is cool, confident, and a bit sassy. She’s really high energy and she loves to dance big time. She has a mischievous side and may hatch a plan or two to get a laugh. She may get a little fussy from time to time. Let’s face it; she’s quite contrary. But she springs back quickly to her regular quirky self.- old description

Mary is smart, cool and confident. Always ready for a new adventure, she loves driving in her car and inventing new songs for the club. - new description

Sassy and opinionated, Mary always has a new idea and won’t rest until the club hears it. She’s a handy little girl, who loves showing off her green thumb in the garden or fixing up her car-Foothill Entertainment description.

Mary is the token nerd of the group. Intelligent, tomboyish, and quick as a whip, she can rhyme any two words she can think of. She is a gardener and spends lots of time with her flowers (hence the rhyme she is from) She loves nature-flora and fauna.

She hates change and mainly only likes things for how they are right now. She is very fussy about many things, like about what foods she eats. She doesn't like eating vegetables and instead prefers French fries and yogurt. She also loathes getting up very early.

She is quirky, energetic, and silly. She does things a little differently from her friends, but that is what makes her special. She loves playing sports. She is on the soccer team, and she is a horseback rider. And she also loves to do cartwheels, as seen in the theme song, and in Auld Lang Syne.

She serves as the brains of the group. She once helped Eep, who was struggling with math. She is a huge bookworm and loves to read. She also enjoys going to school. She is wise and insightful, but always ends up on the tail of her friends' crazy plans. Sometimes, she acts like she knows everything because she's insecure and doesn't want to be called dumb, but she does listen to all her friends' nuggets of information and their ideas.

She enjoys driving around in her toy car, and also loves playing with all her dolls, her sheep, and painting. She has been to Canada, Germany, Russia, Poland, and Hong Kong.



Old Mary

Mary is fair-skinned and short. While portrayed by Robin August, she is now taller and has freckles. She has yellow hair that is almost always in pigtails held by blue bows and blue elastics held at the end of her pigtails. She wears a light pink shirt under her hot pink dress overalls, which are held by yellow buttons, and it has a yellow and blue pocket with a star on it, which Mary uses to hold her stuff, such as her money. She wears blue bloomers, pink leggings, and blue sneakers.




She has 52 appearances


Teddy BearEdit


Mary and Teddy playing Peek-a-Boo

Mary and Teddy are very good friends. They love to play with each other. In one episode, Teddy made up a song about Mary to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider, called The Itsy Bitsy Mary. Teddy and Mary also played peek-a-boo together in Peek-a-Boo

In Baa Baa's Rhyme Time Bonanza, Mary assisted Baa Baa in making a surprise for Teddy. Then, Mary and Teddy read the "Baa Baa Black Sheep" rhyme together from the Gigantic Book of Rhymes. After that, they went to Jack's Joke Shack to hear some of Jack's jokes. They also comforted Baa Baa together when Baa Baa was crying.

Jack B. NimbleEdit


Mary and Jack walking down the street

Mary and Jack are very best friends and have so much in common. They both have yellow and blue in their color schemes, they're both athletic, and best of all, they both love to play! In Rig-a-Jig-Jig, Mary said Jack was "her very good friend" and they swung each other round. They may have crushes on each other.  To learn more go to MarJack

Baa Baa SheepEdit

TLP toe piggies

Baa Baa encountering Mary's toe piggies

She is constantly seen towering over Mary, but they are good friends nonetheless. She likes to play with Mary and teach her things as seen in videos like This Little Piggy, and Baa Baa's Rhyme Time Bonanza. In Teddy Bear Boogie Woogie, they did the dance together.

Eep the MouseEdit


Mary and Eep behind the scenes

Mary and Eep are both popular characters and are very close. In one episode, Mary helped Eep with math. In Dinosaur Stomp, Eep taught Mary to always eat her vegetables. In Hello Friend, they decided to have a playdate, and brainstormed many fun things they could do together, such as climb trees, ride bikes, etc. On Eep's birthday, she gave him a slice of cheese. In London Bridge, they fixed London Bridge together. They also hold hands a lot. They might like each other. Go to Mareep to learn more.

Little Bo PeepEdit

The conga line

The conga line

Mary and Bo Peep are best friends. They are in many videos together, and enjoy reading. And, also Mary's best friends are Bo Peep and Jack. They have been to Hong Kong together.


  • She has a mom, as mentioned in Hello Friend.
  • She is on the soccer team.
  • She can ride a horse.
  • She can tie a bow, but she is really bad at drawing hearts.
  • It is unknown where her father is, like in the office.
  • Her favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla.
  • She has a pet lamb.